Nardo Manaloto

CEO at Catalaize LLC

United StatesJoined July 2019


Connecting Investors, Corporations and Technology Companies for Collaborative Success.

Vision and Strategy —to—> Planning and Execution

* We bring your vision to life

Hands-On Experience as Corporate IT Executives & Agile Startups Co-Founders

* Comprehensive approach to building your company value

* B2B and Consumer products and business models

* Enterprise Technology, Data, AI, and Innovation Strategy, Roadmap, and Execution

Connecting The Dots, Systems Thinking, & Cross-Pollinating Methodologies

* Across different technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Conversational UI, Graph Knowledgebases, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, etc.)

* Across different industries' use cases (e.g. Health, Manufacturing, Automotive, Financial, Legal, Government, Sports)

* Across different disciplines (e.g. Business, Design, Engineering, Science, Medicine, Music, Dance, Ethics, and Policy)

* Across different functional departments (e.g. Operations, IT, Product Management, Business Development, Marketing, Finance, Compliance)

* Across different stakeholders (understanding different perspectives, needs, and value proposition relevant to each)

​Bridging The Old and The New

* Developing and deploying advanced technologies, tech-enabled services, use case adjacencies, and new business models

* Integrating new tools and capabilities with old systems, processes, and workforce

* Sunsetting legacy systems for cost savings

Global Impact, Local Customization

Research areas of interest (11)

  • Computer related
  • Big data management
  • Medical/health
  • Expert systems
  • AI programming aids
  • and 6 more

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