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18 rue Alain Savary, 25000 Besançon, France · France · Not set | BASIC

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frec|n|sys designs, fabricates and commercializes passive RF components (surface acoustic wave – SAW, bulk acoustic wave – BAW, guided acoustic wave devices in general), i.e. sensors, filters and resonators for on-board signal processing. The main applications of such devices are dedicated to harsh environment monitoring, Defense/Space and Telecoms.

The company was created in early 2013 to answer the national demand and international need for advanced SAW device development and production. The skill and expertise of the company originate from competences developed at the FEMTO-ST Institute/CNRS - Besançon. The company owns a patent port-folio protecting its innovation particularly in the field of sensors for harsh environment for which the company ambition to be an international leader. Since Ocyober 2017, frec|n|sys is a 100% subsidiary of the SOITEC group which develops and commercializes advanced SOI wafers for microelectronics and a novel generation of oriented single-crystal piezoelectric layer on silicon, the so-called POI (piezoelectric-on-insulator) wafers.
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Process control and logisticsProcess automationAerospace TechnologyAeronautical technology / AvionicsHousehold Goods & Appliances and 8 more
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Small and Medium Enterprise
18 rue Alain Savary, 25000 Besançon, France

Publications (2)

frec|n|sys is now part of the SOITEC group and therefore propose technological developments on Piezoelectric-On-Insulator wafers based on single crystal oriented Lithium Tantalate bonded on Silicon[…]

the company proposes battery-less and wireless sensors capable to operate under very harsh environment, particularly high temperature conditions with a target at 1000°C. The company has developed SAW sensors designed to operate above 600°C for which a new solution for sensor/antenna assembly has bee[…]

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