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ViroStatics srl is a privately held bio-pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Sassari (Italy), at the Science & Technology Park of Porto Conte Ricerche. ViroStatics was founded back in 2005 as spin-off company of RIGHT (Research Institute for Genetic and Human Therapy, USA) with the financial support of SFIRS (Società Finanziaria Regione Sardegna, Italy) and became fully operational in 2007.

The Company’s main mission consists in the development of drug composites directed to overcome the underlying cellular perturbations common to viral diseases and cancers, especially as regards:
• Dysregulation of cellular transcription
• Uncontrolled cell proliferation
Its key operational fields HIV eradication and HIV-associated malignancies, heading towards a potential HIV/AIDS cure, viral diseases and oncology. The Company is developing compounds against viral infections such as Hepatitis B, Human Papillomavirus, Epstein- Barr virus. In addition to this, given its unique mechanism of action, ViroStatics is running a program in the field of oncology. ViroStatics is raising high interest from various pharmaceutical companies because of the research programs.

Over the years, ViroStatics has developed a robust pipeline of proprietary compounds for several distinct disease indications (viral diseases including HIV infection, aggressive tumours i.e. breast cancer and mesothelioma), all of them covered by patent protection beyond 2030, characterized by their unique kinase selectivity, efficacy and safety profiles.

The company is led by a top-level team, with experience in the conduction of complex projects. Its expertise spans from basic science to clinical trials with over 100 published manuscripts and over 10 clinical trials coordinated (Phase I and Phase II).

ViroStatics’ profile is therefore perfectly suitable to achieve the tasks of the project, having background in infectious diseases, high experience in drug combinations and drug development in general.

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We are currently seeking best-in-class collaboration partners for our publications listed in the tab Opportunities. We want to invite you to cooperate with us, so please repond to any of the opportunities by submitting one or more proposals. Our team will directly evaluate them and get back to you with a response. Please provide as much detailed non-confidential information as possible to facilitate the engagement process.

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