Simona Rataj

Alliance Manager at University of Ljubljana

Slovenia · LjubljanaJoined April 2020


I am part of the UL Knowledge transfer team who promotes the innovations and knowledge generated by researchers and present both to companies. We connect the research and business communities to create networks for new development projects. We encourage cooperation, as we believe we can achieve and do so much more, easer, by joining forces.

Research areas of interest (7)

  • technology transfer
  • innovation
  • challenges
  • cooperation
  • industry
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University of Ljubljana has repurposed Nitroxolin for the prevention and treatment of diseases caused by coronaviruses, in particular SARS-CoV-2. A significant advantage of nitroxoline over other candidate drugs for the treatment of covid-19 (repurposing drugs – amantadine, teicoplanin) is that the […]

The University of Ljubljana developed functionalized coloured textiles with antiviral and antibacterial properties based on emodin and its derivatives.[…]

The Department of Structural and Seismic Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, University of Ljubljana, has developed a special system for the protection of cladding panels that can be installed in existing buildings.[…]

The University of Ljubljana has developed a new and efficient combination of hydrodynamic cavitation, photochemical and photocatalytic processes. It is a combination of green oxidation processes that do not require the addition of external oxidants, and thus do not contribute to the formation of sec[…]

Many products require determination on how easily can fluids penetrate through the sample material. A precise and rapid measurement of the permeability is therefore crucial in many applications in the fields of freeze-dried products (pharmaceutical and food industry), textile industry, filter and me[…]

The innovation represents the conversion of lignin and ferulic acid into vanillin using hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant and vanadium oxide as a catalyst. The innovative process is greener, cost‑effective and cheaper than competitive solutions. Our solution is applicable in the cosmetics and pharmace[…]

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