Vladimir Romanov

Leading chemical engineer, head of design chemical department at Ltd BinarKo

Russian Federation · Nizhny NovgorodJoined May 2017


Experience in innovative companies more than 13 years. More than 20 innovative solutions in the field of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, gas chemistry and other fields of chemistry are developed and introduced. Great experience in the design of chemical devices and chemical industries, extensive experience in carrying out quantum chemical calculations, compiling explanatory notes, technological maps. There is also extensive experience in managing departments and individual projects.

Work Experience (1)

Leading chemical engineer, head of design chemical department

Ltd BinarKo

October 1910 - Present

Russian Federation, Nizhny Novgorod state

The duties include:
- design and support of production in the field of inorganic, organic chemistry, electrochemistry, gas chemistry and other branches of chemistry;
- generation of ideas in innovative fields of science, industry and technology;
- creation of intellectual property;
- Leadership of laboratories, chemical department, design department;
- Synthesis of chemical compounds.

Academic Studies (1)

Master of Engineering and Technology

Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named R.Е. Alekseev

September 2008 - July 2010

Cataphoretic coatings to protect steel products from corrosion

Creation of a new composition for applying by the method of cataphoresis on metal products of various nature in order to prevent corrosion. The composition after application was a coating with the ability to heal scratches when irradiated with ultraviolet light. In addition, the composition allows the application of a protective coating by autophoresis.

Awards and achievements (2)

Award for presenting the solution of the innovative task in the field of hydrocarbon processing


November 2015

Awarded a cash prize of $ 7,500 for the solution presented in the framework of the catalytic oxidation of n-butane to n- or sec-butanol.

Winner of the 3rd international Sibur ideas competition in the field of gas processing and gas fractionation


December 2012

Awarded a cash prize of $ 3,600 for providing the idea of a highly effective sorbent for deep purification of natural and associated petroleum gases from sulfur-containing compounds and their drying

Research areas of interest (29)

  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
  • Industrial Manufacture
  • Microengineering and nanoengineering
  • Plant Design and Maintenance
  • Materials Technology
  • and 24 more

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Modified polysaccharide

Romanov Vladimir Vladimirovich, Korobro Alexander Nikolaevich, Tihonov Viktor Ivanovich
The invention relates to the preparation of a new substance formula for the further synthesis of a sorbent based on it. The sorbent is designed to absorb sulfur-containing compounds, water and radioactive elements from aqueous solutions and the gas phase. The resulting compound formula allows the development of a sorbent based on it, which takes on the above compounds and elements in an amount greater than its own weight.

Method for obtaining high purity aluminum alkoxides

Romanov V, Tsareva K, Tihonov V
A technology has been developed for the preparation of aluminum in order to obtain high-purity aluminum alcoholates, which are used to produce, in turn, optically transparent ceramics.

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