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Our company Designs & Develops Innovative Farm Tractors for the new kind of AGRICULTURE that is FAO -supported & which concerns the new kind of Worldwide FARMING SYSTEM { Called No-Till or Zero-Tillage or Conservation Agriculture [CA] }....................this is very different indeed compared to ploughing and there is no plowing in this soil-health focused system of farming where currently 32-million tractors are used per day, Our product range is broadly-based to suit countries that make & sell lots of tractors.India,[700,000],USA [200,000],Turkey [72,000] & EC [165,000].We are seeking an INDUSTRIAL partner with a strong distribution network in thecountries they sell in to.
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Camsley Grange Farm,Lymm,Warrington UK

Trantor International Ltd.

We are currently seeking best-in-class collaboration partners for the postings listed below. You can respond to current opportunities by browsing the listed entries. We do want to invite you to cooperate with us so please contact us through the available template and we will get in contact with you. Please provide as much detailed information as possible in order to facilitate the engagement process.

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Graham A.B. Edwards

Graham A.B. Edwards

Executive shareholding director [ Innovative farm tractor technology ] at Trantor International Ltd., at Trantor International

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