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I had the passion to solve a real-world problems using science. After gaining knowledge from studies & experience. I lead my R & D team to innovate the new platform technology called Nano biopolymer technology. This platform technology will prevent microbial film formation. Using this as a platform, Ariviya has developed four new technologies. Natural UdderCare, Wound care and Burn Management, Natural Antimicrobial Polymer, and Nanobio Sensor technologies respectively. I hope these new technologies will bring a drastic change in society, where it is aimed to replace the current chemical load in the environment.
Prior to founding Ariviya I was a lecturer & contributing to many research activities at Anna University in India. I have bridged the Nanotechnology program curriculum gap between academics and industry. I have facilitated about 120 M.Tech. Students to graduate from this school. Published more than 100 research papers.

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