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It is a pioneer Bangladeshi company dedicated for Professional Services for waste management, recycling options, renewable energy applications and energy efficiency utilization in different fields. We also want to contribute to secure domestic and overseas competitiveness of agricultural products, increase the income of farming and fishing households and balance development of national economy. Fruits, Seeds, Vegetables, Fish, Fingerlings, Nursery products, Advisory support, Green Farming, Waste to Biogas our primary products,

Our enthusiastic focus is to deliver motivational, consulting and terrific technical services to the currently existing or future industries to execute environment friendly production. We in nature foresee to adore a pollution-free dream planet.

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Arif Kha Basudepur, Ramchandrapur, Gaibandha, Bangladesh, 5700

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We are currently seeking best-in-class collaboration partners for our publications listed in the tab Opportunities. We want to invite you to cooperate with us, so please repond to any of the opportunities by submitting one or more proposals. Our team will directly evaluate them and get back to you with a response. Please provide as much detailed non-confidential information as possible to facilitate the engagement process.

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Energy TechnologyEnergy Storage and TransportEnergy efficiencyCarbon capture and energyBiogas and anerobic digestion (AD) and 7 more

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