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Dig.y.SoL™ addresses the energy and transportation markets by offering tools and solutions enabling evolutionary intelligent digital transformation. In the energy market, our tools will enable utilities to evolve from the current command-and-control mode of operation to a digital distributed energy model enabling real-time, on-demand energy exchange between independent sources (DERs, prosumers) and loads (C&I, residential, electric vehicles), supported by a distributed and securely shared federated blockchain.

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West Hartford, CT, US

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We are currently seeking best-in-class collaboration partners for our publications listed in the tab Opportunities. We want to invite you to cooperate with us, so please repond to any of the opportunities by submitting one or more proposals. Our team will directly evaluate them and get back to you with a response. Please provide as much detailed non-confidential information as possible to facilitate the engagement process.

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Electronics, IT and TelecommsAdvanced Systems ArchitectureArtificial Intelligence (AI)Knowledge Management, Process ManagementEmbedded Systems and Real Time Systems and 8 more

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