Innoget to participate in EINST4INE - The European Training Network for Industry Digital Transformation Project

Innoget is participating at EINST4INE - The European Training Network for Industry Digital Transformation project that will explore various aspects of #digitaltransformation spread across interconnected research areas such as:

  •  The #human side of digital transformation
  • Coordination and decision-making 
  • Enabling technologies of #innovationecosystems emergence 
  • Orchestrating innovation ecosystems

EINST4INE is one of the 114 projects selected for funding under the European Training Network scheme, and the only one under the Economic Sciences panel. 

EINST4INE’s mission:

Develop a cohort of leaders in research and business, and equip them with a unique set of hybrid tech-digital behavioural skills and cutting-edge knowledge,

To achieve this goal, EINST4INE will offer an exceptional program providing a large range of multidisciplinary research and practical training combined with workshops, summer schools as well as unique international, interdisciplinary mobility and secondment opportunities across Europe, USA and Australia.

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