Accelerating Peptide Drug Research with Creative Peptides’ Premade Peptide Library

Total peptide library construction is a powerful technology for new drug research and development at current. As a pioneering peptide company, Creative Peptides developed a total peptide library based on its proprietary peptide design platform, which allows researchers to develop peptide drugs most efficiently.


Total peptide library refers to a collection of vast small peptides of specific length and different sequences, which is widely applicable for peptide drug screening, cosmetic peptide screening, and so forth. Generally, peptide library synthesis involves 20 types of natural amino acids (used as building units) and the library capacity is subject to the number of amino acids (n) that constitute a peptide of a specific length, which can be simply calculated as 20n. However, the larger library capacity complicates the synthesis of peptide drugs.


To overcome the limitation, Creative Peptides Design PlatformTM (CPDP) applies peptide information compression technology to compress peptide information and consolidate information from multiple peptides into a single peptide, thereby containing a large amount of peptide information in a relatively small storage capacity. Based on this technique, Creative Peptides’ scientists have built a total peptide library with the involvement of about 500 million different peptide sequence information and almost 80,000 peptides, improving the screening efficiency by about 6000 times. 


Creative Peptides dedicates peptide drug discovery and research programs in a one-stop-shop fashion. Depending upon their mature technology and rich experience in peptide synthesis and total peptide library construction, the expert team can shorten the project cycle and accelerate the development of peptide drugs. Once clients submit their requirements on a specific biological target, the team will provide a tailor-made peptide solution in compliance with GMP standards. Additionally, its state-of-the-art technology such as bio-informatics, structural biology, and in-house designing tools can ensure biologically active and high purity peptides.


“As peptide research has been experienced considerable development in the last decades and the number of identified natural peptides is growing, an integrated total peptide library can simplify the synthesis of peptide drugs and benefit the peptide drug research.” A senior scientist at Creative Peptides stated, “Our peptide design platform is versatile and productive after many strict tests. We can assist researchers in selecting potential peptide drugs with our premade peptide library.”


About Creative Peptides

Creative Peptides is engaged in the process development and the manufacturing of bioactive peptides. The company is staffed by scientific teams with experts in the fields of peptide technology, antibodies, and synthetic chemistry and is committed to offering custom peptide synthesis, process development, manufacturing as well as catalog products for customers in the industry and research areas.