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02 March, 2018   News



It’s back! The most viewed posts of the week section returns to bring you the opportunity to not lose the top 3 most popular posts or to read it again. From now on, every Friday morning the team will head out to work to look back at the most viewed research, innovation and funding opportunities. Here are the posts of this week in case you missed them:


First place is for the job opportunity posted by Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), one of the leading research centers in Spain focused on basic and applied research in Materials Science and Nanotechnology. The institute, that titled the job ICMAB Valorization and Technology Transfer Officer, is looking for a senior manager with a higher education in research and materials science until next March 31st, 2018.


Anna May from Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) posted this:

ICMAB Valorization and Technology Transfer Officer
The Valorization and Technology Transfer Officer will carry out the following tasks, after becoming familiar with ICMAB research groups, the Research Lines and the Scientific-Technological Services: • Identify ICMAB know-how and technologies with commercial potential • Develope a marketing strategy and oversee the global sales process



Second most viewed post of the week is a technology request in the chemicals industry, which is looking for specific technical innovations through the technology call titled Seeking Chemical Additives to Prevent Plugging in Pipelines. The process to submit new proposals will close next March 31st, 2018.


Anonymous Organization posted this:

Seeking Chemical Additives to Prevent Plugging in Pipelines
Flow assurance is relevant for all processes where materials or fluids are pumped through pipelines e.g. blood in veins, sewer lines, and production processes. Undesired deposition of solid deposits in pipelines can lead to plugging. Besides mechanical solutions, different concepts based on chemical solutions are known. Such chemicals can prevent plugging of flow lines by solid deposits by inhibiting agglomeration, dissolution of solid deposits or inhibiting the formation of deposits.



Third and last place is taken by Bonduelle, the global leader in plant-based foods market, with its recently posted technology request titled Seeking technologies extending the shelf-life of fresh-cut chilled salads, a call for proposals with a project size range of 250,000 - 1,000,000 € that it has fixed the deadline to next May 9th, 2018.


Patrick from Bonduelle posted this:

Seeking technologies extending the shelf-life of fresh-cut chilled salads
Shelf-life extension: We are seeking any technology that would enable the extension of shelf-life for fresh-cut packaged vegetables sold and stored in chilled conditions. These could be along the chain or on specific parts of the supply chain: novel packaging, new processes, new varieties or raw materials, new protective atmosphere approaches, novel agricultural practices.



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