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News 2010

  • 01 October, 2010

Innovation 2010 Barcelona on the 18 & 19 November including TOUR ON THE INNOVATION CENTERS in Barcelona is the leading Open Innovation marketplace in Spain where the science community and technology based companies interact to propose their solutions to technology demands and promote their projects and innovations. Axiom Groupe next pan-European business meeting on Innovation will take place in Barcelona, on the 18th and 19th ...

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  • 23 September, 2010

According to data produced by the Open Innovation platform INNOGET, the biotech sector is the one that demands more R&D solutions, 45% of the total demands, followed by the TIC’s, 25%.The balance, 30%, is shared by the chemical, food and environmental industry. Concerning the supply, the sector giving more R&D solutions is the engineering, covering 35%. The second and the third place are for the biotechnology (25%) and telecommunicatio...

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  • 17 March, 2010

Internet exchanges suggest an easy route to sourcing and licensing technology, but can biotech intellectual property be packaged up and sold in this way? There are sites for buying and selling most hings on the internet, and intellectual property (IP) is no exception. The earliest of these IP exchanges sprang up at the height of the dot-com boom, when there was a rush to set up electronic marketplaces to ease business-to-business transactions o...

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