GlobalhealthUSA to be looking for next blood pressure monitoring device in a five-figure project


12 May, 2017   News

High blood pressure often occurs without any noticeable symptoms, which causes a significant number of people to live with this illness without any diagnosis. When untreated, high blood pressure or commonly known as hypertension can cause severe organ damage and could lead to the possibility of suffering a stroke and or a heart attack in the worst-case scenario.



Thus, experts recommend that people who have previously experienced signs of high blood pressure or people who have been diagnosed with hypertension should closely measure their blood pressure regularly at home, which is fast, easy and can be the difference between life and death.

Nevertheless, monitor your blood pressure at home is not always the best option due to a busy lifestyle or just because you are not really the kind of people who invest in a home blood pressure monitor. This is why, besides measuring ones blood pressure at home, new developments are hitting the market to ease the way users track their blood pressure not only at home but anywhere, anytime.

Companies are currently developing new technology in attempts to eliminate the noticeably uncomfortable, bulky cuffs that have the reputation of strangling ones arm while measuring ones blood pressure. Comfort and versatility is now key for the user.

This is where GlobalhealthUSA comes into play. The Microsoft business partner and healthcare solutions provider is reportedly scouting for wearable devices in the form of a watch to monitor blood pressure, helping users monitor their blood pressure in real-time. Proposals for the five-figure project can be submitted using the form on GlobalheahtUSA’s post on Innoget.

Actually, as they note in their publication on Innoget, the trusted open innovation, science and technology network, GlobalhealthUSA is seeking continuous wearable blood pressure monitoring devices, preferable using BI. Systems must be able to interface to windows Azure to become an IoT device. At the same time, this device must be capable of connecting to GlobalhealthUSA Azure platform.

Many possible solution areas are taken into account, starting from home care. It is thought that the user will wear the wearable blood pressure monitor either at home or at work, sending alerts to the smartphone and TP windows Azure platform.

Advancements in the medical field based on technological and engineering developments are making possible to check one self’s blood pressure anytime, anywhere without the need of carrying around a bulky device that is also not comfortable. It’s time to say ciaoto the cuff with this new technology by the hand of GlobalhealthUSA and the challenge-winning proposal.





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