Air Products launches challenge seeking to apply IoT systems to manage gas cylinder inventory


25 April, 2017   News

When it comes to industrial gases, Air Products is one of the first industry players it comes to mind. Its growth didn’t come from nowhere but a well planned corporate strategy, and so demonstrates its jump into IoT with both feed back in 2015 and its recent move to scout for IoT proposals to manage and telemetry gas cylinder inventory in a seven-figure project.



As the company claims in their technology call posted on Innoget, the trusted global open innovation network, Air Products manages large inventories of gas cylinders worldwide, and because those recipients are relatively low-cost, they are seeking a low-cost IoT solution for cylinder inventory management and cylinder telemetry. Examples of the application of such systems would be contents reporting as well as cylinder location monitoring as an optional capability. This is without the slightest doubt an interesting opportunity for IoT-related projects and technologies, which can submit their proposals to Air Products using the form in the technology call.

As it is reported in the publication, Air Products is interested in solutions that are capable of measuring the contents of the cylinder, specifically the amount of gas remaining in it, and able to endure in rugged environments. Actually, the company is positioning in favor of a low-cost solution for initial capital investment, gateway costs and network and operating costs. 

This is by no means the first time Air Products gets into the IoT world. In fact, back in 2015 the industry giant already jumped into IoT with both feet meaning a big game changer for them.

We are then in front of a next step in terms of corporate strategy reinforcing their move towards the adoption of IoT, a next step that will ease the way the company do better predictive maintenance, management and telemetry of its inventory.


Further details can be found in the technology call posted by Air Products on Innoget –



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