Science2Society Workshop: Towards the finishing line of the first year


17 March, 2017   News


The  3rd face-to-face -Meeting of the Science2Society project took place at Atos headquarter in Madrid from February 27 to March 1, 2017.

Science2Society Workshop in Madrid


On the first day the consortium represented by about 40 participants focused on the 7 pilots, the core of the project, and the work carried out during the first project year. Each pilot leader presented their results gained so far explaining the objectives and goals, the approach used and the KPIs drafted. The touchpoint analyses carried out within each pilot were discussed as well as the Maps of Actors.
The Advisory Board members of Science2Society also attended these presentations and gave inspiring and very detailed feedback to each of the seven pilots. Their key messages highlighted for example the necessity to also think “outside the box”, to seek a good balance between the perspectives of industry and academia and to not forget about IP-issues which often are a driving factor in any research collaboration.

The second day of the meeting commenced with an Exploitation Strategy Seminar run by Gustavo Cancelas, an EC-hired Expert during which the key exploitable results in the project were discussed. The purpose of this seminar was to assist in the development of the foreground in the project and compile an exploitation plan beyond life of the project. More specifically, the seminar gave the opportunity to the project's partners to identify the risks and the potential obstacles for exploitation, to reflect on them and to analyze the actions that need to be implemented in order to effectively address them.
The meeting was concluded by a General Assembly meeting and a session to prepare for the first reporting period.

Note: This article was first posted on Science2Society's website. You can find further information about the consortium and project outcomes there.+



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