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20 May, 2009   News

Barcelona, 21th May 2009 - Innoget is announcing today the launching of the new collaborative portal for Open Innovation .

•    Web 2.0 linking companies to the scientific community
•    Awarded by the Barcelona County Council as the best entrepreneur Project in the year 2008
•    Red Innovation Center - Vodafone Spain, Grupo Damm, Affinity Petcare, Indo, Fluidra, Bicentury, Oryzon Genomics, the first companies to use it


The Internet portal aims to be the meeting point for companies and innovators. Via Innoget companies connect with a worldwide network of scientist, engineers, scientific organizations and technology based companies related to different knowledge areas: life science, chemistry, physics, computer science, engineering and technologic sciences.

The origin of Innoget is Connectainnova, the first Open Innovation Portal in Spain. “Due to the fantastic answer to Connectainnova we have decided to remodelate the platform, offer new services, change it into a global platform and adapt our corporative image to international markets”, says David Ràfols, Innoget Director. As a result Innoget begins with an English language version available as from today, and will continue with a Spanish language version which will be ready in short.

Open innovation: XXI century innovation

Open Innovation is mainly based on the idea that in a world where knowledge is widely spread, companies cannot afford to depend barely on their own research capacity. On the contrary they have the opportunity to obtain processes or inventions from other companies (for example, patents). In addition technology developed by a certain company which do not use it, can be taken to the marketplace by means of licences, joint ventures or spin-offs. Open Innovation is the reverse of a close innovation policy under which companies use their own knowledge and hardly or never rely on external knowledge. Some of the companies which have already implemented the Open Innovation system are IBM, Procter & Gamble, or Nokia. “Under these circumstances, Innoget is conceived as a tool for companies to switch from a close innovation model to a Open Innovation system”, says Ràfols

¿How does it work?

The platform allows R+D & Innovation departments to find answers to their innovations needs within the scientific community by publishing their technologic challenges. In addition, Innoget offers two tools for companies to either demand technology related to their activity (the so called  Innovation Box-in) or to post the technology there are ready to sell  (the so called  Innovation Box-out). Red Innovation Center - Vodafone Spain, Grupo Damm, Affinity Petcare, Indo, Fluidra, Bicentury, Oryzon Genomics are some of the companies which have already joined our platform. “The answer is being most positive and in the coming months more leading companies will contract their Innovation Boxes” says Ràfols

Addressed to every company whichever size and area

Ràfols indicates that Innoget “covers the innovation needs of companies investing on long term Projects -radical innovation- and those implementing short term innovation policies –incremental innovation-“. The innovators already registered come from diverse areas of interest (scientist, engineers, research institutions, technology based companies). “Right now we have nearly 2000 registered members and we estimate the figure will increase up to 10000 affiliates by next year” states Ràfols.

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