America's B Bridge and Spain´s Innoget Open innovation marketplace collaborate to promote open innovation online



06 October, 2009   News


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. October 6, 2009 - B-Bridge Technology Transfer
( and Innoget ( have partnered to improve online connection opportunities between technology inventors and technology seekers. B-Bridge and Innoget will collaborate to provide their members with full access to each other’s websites, which enables cross-listing of inventions and licensingproposals and creates a larger pool of resources for business and organizations seeking new technology. 

The B-Bridge Technology Transfer user base consists mostly of North American and Japanese members whereas Innoget is more European focused. This collaboration creates a more globally oriented network that increases the utility of the both websites and the chances of international technology transfer.

“We are looking forward to working closely with Innoget to support our common goal to promote the development and commercialization of innovative new discoveries and technology,” says Hiro Masumoto, CEO & President of B-Bridge International. “Both of us have created online platforms to facilitate and encourage partnerships between inventors, entrepreneurs, and businesses so the combination of Innoget’s and B-Bridge’s networks enriches the potential opportunities for all our members.”

David Ràfols, CEO of Innoget says, "We are excited to work closely with B-Bridge to open a new way for all our members to exponentially get benefits from using our online technology transfer platforms. Open Innovation is based on sharing, network and successful partnerships so Innoget's and B-Bridge's collaboration agreement states the essence of the concept.”

B-Bridge Technology Transfer is an online portal connecting innovations to commercialization opportunities by providing a free searchable database of new developments, discoveries, and other intellectual property and is operated by B-Bridge International based in Mountain View, California. B-Bridge facilitates access to advanced technology for researchers and supplies innovative high-quality cellular and molecular biology research tools to academic, government, commercial research laboratories.

Innoget is an open innovation marketplace that fosters interaction among companies and research communities to develop and share R&D projects and ideas. The platform allows R&D and Innovation departments to find answers to their innovations needs within the scientific community by publishing their technologic challenges (free service). Companies can also demand technology related to their activity through an Innovation Box-in and show their innovative technologies through an Innovation Box-out.

B-Bridge Contact:
Mie Tamaki
Tel: +1-650-969-7727 (Ext.30)

Innoget Contact: 
Julie Hussenot
Tel: +34 902 63 63 90

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