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The Group has been working in the development of technologies that integrate the management of the entire set of electronic devices existing in a home. The group is specialized in providing home automation solutions to people with mobility problems, such as elderly people, children or disabled people. It also is experienced in the development of computer systems for energy management of housing. Innovative aspects The research group has significant experience in developing automated systems for all types of environments. The possibility to develop specific integration solutions for any type of device used in a home (lighting, security system, wireless appliances and entertainment equipment, sensor network environment, etc.). They can also integrate all kinds of control systems and power generation to facilitate saving and energy efficiency of buildings. The group is able to develop new solutions based on the requirements and user needs. Main advantages of the technology The technology developed by the research group is established in the project metalTIC - Digital Home. This project, conducted for the Federation of Employers of the Metal of the Province of Alicante (FEMPA), has been the design and development of a set that simulates a house with the latest innovations in TICC to provide services at home. The 50 square meters house has a living room with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, showing key concepts such as energy control, monitoring and security, comfort and leisure, communications, accessibility and management.