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RAMOT at Tel Aviv University Ltd. posted this:

Plants contain numerous microorganisms, in particular fungi. They are collectively referred to endophytes. Endophytic fungi are beneficial for the hosting plant, therefore the co-existence from day 1. The advantages for the plants include growth enhancement, protection from pathogens and pests, ability to grow and reproduce in sub-optimal conditions such as water limiting conditions and sub or supra- optimal temperatures. During cultivation, important genes have been lost and scientist are trying to find genes in wild populations and add them back into cultivated plants. ICCI specializes in diseases of cereals. Work is done on isolation of disease resistance genes from wild relatives of wheat and introduction into cultivated wheat. We propose to complement the genetic efforts by producing disease resistance through the use of endophytic fungi; Similar to gene loss, we believe that essential microorganisms have been lost during cultivation. We will utilize the vast collection of seeds from wild relative of wheat and barley to identify hidden endophytes that contribute to plant disease resistance and survival in arid and warm climate. After identifying such endophytes in the wild plants, we will introduce the most beneficial species into cultivated wheat and barley. This approach has been already used successfully in pasture plants. Expected outcome: 1. Novel knowledge on the composition of endophytic species in wild grasses relatives of wheat 2. Patent of species with economical and agricultural potential 3. Development of pathogen-protection in wheat and barley 4. Development of climate sustainability in wheat and barley Project ID : 2-2013-719
Plant endophytic fungi for crop protection and resistance to abiotic stress

Yissum - Research Development Company of the Hebrew University posted this:

Cluster11 Project ID : 24-2006-1692
New production method of a hormone that Induces Spawning in Carp