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Universidad de Alicante posted this:

The research group "Proteomics and functional genomics of plants of the University of Alicante has developed a new procedure that increases the production and extraction of phytosterols in plant cell cultures in vitro. To do this, is added to the culture medium cyclodextrins and optionally methyl jasmonate. After growing under certain conditions, phytosterols are obtained with yields higher than the current extraction techniques from the plant material. This method allows a stable production of phytosterols, independent of geographical, seasonal and environmental factors, with reduced spaces requirements and easier process of purification and industrial scaling. The group is looking for companies interested in acquiring the technology for commercial exploitation. Innovative aspects Nowadays, the classical method of extracting phytosterols from vegetable raw materials has a very low yield. This, combined with the large amount of plant material needed to extract a significant amount of phytosterols from global natural sources (only could be supplied 10% of Western populations), causes a high cost of these products. With this new process of in vitro plant cell culture, it is possible to increase production and efficiency of extraction of phytosterols from natural resources for a greater percentage of the population that could benefit from the positive effects of phytosterols on health.

Yissum - Research Development Company of the Hebrew University posted this:

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