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MaGrid – Early Mathematical Training tool

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Summary of the technology

MaGrid is an innovative early math tablet-based training tool designed to foster pre-schoolers math precursor skills. To provide each child with a sound foundation in basic mathematical abilities, effective instruction over the pre-school years is necessary. MaGrid is language-neutral and thus makes early mathematical instruction accessible to all children, regardless of their language background or proficiency. By this means it is not only suitable for a highly multilingual school setting with a heterogeneous student population, but it can be used on a global level.

University of Luxembourg

Description of the technology


• Language-neutral character making it usable for all children on a global level
• Combination with concrete material such as booklets
• Training tasks are based on scientific models of cognitive development
• Scientific evaluation
• Suitable for classroom settings
• Effective Access to early mathematics for children with hearing impairments


Scientific validation shows the training tool is effective.

The potential markets are Public institutions, private schools and private households

Technology Owner

University of Luxembourg

Research & Technology Organization

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About University of Luxembourg

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The University of Luxembourg, founded in 2003, is a European research university with a distinctly international, multilingual and interdisciplinary character. It is a modern institution with a personal atmosphere, close to European institutions, innovative companies and the financial place.

With nearly 6,200 students and about 1,700 employees from all over the globe, the University offers a unique mix of international excellence and national relevance, delivering knowledge for society and businesses. The University has three faculties and three interdisciplinary centers:

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