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Solar energy harvester based on optical rectenna, efficiency factor better that 50%

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Summary of the technology

The world problem that energy sources like coal, oil and gas are finite and spoiling ecology. Solar is a tremendous source of renewable and clean energy. Silicon monocrystal solar cell efficiency factor is 20%.47% of energy goes for heating solar cell, this effects to reduce efficiency factor. So we collect only small part of solar energy, that is 23 000 TWy. Especially in deserts.

Description of the technology

We have technology advances to realise solar energy harvester on nanoantenna. Going to get several patents and know how within patents cooperation treaty.

1st goal is mock-up during 12 months.

2nd goal develop technology equipment and start small scale production. Solar energy harvester cell will be product for involvement for technology equipment and license.

3rd sell technology equipment and license.

Current development status


We made diode and nanoantenna separately. Now we need to make together.

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Technology engineering company

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