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High Speed, High Spatial Resolution Scanning Micro-ellipsometer

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Summary of the technology

Metrology instrument for measuring coatings properties/dimensions
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Project ID : 14-2017-4398

Yissum - Research Development Company of the Hebrew University

Description of the technology


  • We have developed a new type of a compact scanning Micro-ellipsometer that operates with a spatial resolution on the sub 10-micron and over a broad spectral range. See Figure (next page).
  • The Micro-ellipsometer can accurately measure local variations in the thickness and the optical constants of micro-surfaces and micro-structured interfaces.
  • Our scanning High Spatial-Resolution Micro-Ellipsometer (HSRME) is capable of accurately operating also on curved and tilted surfaces.
  • Additional key benefit is its highly efficient scanning measurement process, which is drastically faster than competing scanning ellipsometer measurements.
  • The Micro-ellipsometer is compact and can be easily integrated as an add-on module to conventional high-resolution microscopes.
  • These combined properties implemented in one system open the door for applying routine ellipsometric measurements and characterization in a variety of front-line (high resolution AND conventional) industrial and research applications.

Our Innovation

  • We have combined innovative optical design with our innovative, highly effective, rapid measurement and calibration methods.
  • Our system pioneers with combining high spatial resolution, broad spectral response, the ability to measure structured surfaces with local curvatures, and a compact design that can be integrated as an add-on module with standard high-resolution microscopes.
  • The excellent performance of our HSRME has been proven by numerous comparative measurements on various reference samples versus a commercial ellipsometer.


  • Design rules in modern Microelectronics and Semiconductor Industries are constantly being reduced in size, and conventional ellipsometers cannot be used nowadays for monitoring and characterizing optical properties of small sized elements.
  • Modern R&D on new materials and new material-based processes requires characterization of small area samples and tests of micron-scale variations in material homogeneities, which cannot be performed by conventional ellipsometers.
  • Our new Micro-ellipsometer fills the need for very high spatial-resolution ellipsometry, together with a fast and broad spectral band measurement capability in a compact design.
  • The ability of our ellipsometer setup to be designed as an add-on box onto standard high resolution imaging microscopes opens up opportunities to simply integrate ellipsometric capabilities into imaging systems.
  • It can be incorporated for high-resolution quality monitoring in production lines as well as for research and development laboratories, including inspection of tilted and other non-flat devices.
  • Similar applications are in Optical Coating Processes, Biotechnology and Surface Chemistry, as well as in new material research and surface characterization.

Project manager

Matt Zarek

Project researchers

Ronen Rapaport
HUJI, Faculty of Science
The Racah Institute of Physics

Related keywords

  • Electronics, Microelectronics
  • Nanotechnologies related to electronics & microelectronics
  • Micro and Nanotechnology related to Electronics and Microelectronics
  • Materials Technology
  • Chemistry
  • Surface treatment (painting, galvano, polishing, CVD, PVD)
  • Semiconductors Technology
  • Micro- and Nanotechnology
  • Some other electronics related
  • Chemicals and Materials
  • Scanning Related
  • Other scanning related (including optical mark sensing and image processing)
  • Chemistry & Materials
  • Coatings

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