The pulverized coal preparation technology for efficient and environment-friendly combustion

Summary of the technology

A university in Russia has developed and patented technology for preparation of pulverized coal fuel for clean combustion. The main advantage of the technology is its adaptability to various coals, methods of coal preparation, boilers. The technology provides deeper combustion of pulverized coal fuel with simultaneous reduction of emissions, dust formation, explosion hazard and slagging of boilers. The university is looking for partners for technology transfer, technical cooperation, services.

Details of the Technology Offer

Coal continues to be one of the main fuels used to generate heat and electricity in many countries around the world. Coal preparation and combustion processes are labor-intensive, energy-intensive, often technologically and environmentally hazardous. In particular, when grinding coal during its preparation for combustion, a large amount of dust is formed, which makes the preparation process explosive. Often the combustion of coal, especially with of coal with low combustion heat, dusty coal, and coal stored in warehouses for a long time is not effective, which eventually leads to deposits on the walls of boilers and their strong slagging, incomplete combustion of coal and emissions of environmentally harmful nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere.

A university in Russia has developed, patented and is integrating with heat power engineering the technology of pulverized coal preparation for combustion which will allows to solve the above-mentioned shortages. It allows, in particular, to make pulverized coal preparation explosion-proof and to provide deep and environment-friendly combustion of pulverized coal fuel.
The technology is based on the use of modified liquid glass in pulverized coal preparation. Several methods of applying the modified liquid glass in coal preparation were developed with the use of hammer mills and ball mills for various coals, such as brown coal. Recommendations on the selection and use of relatively cheap and non-toxic compositions of modifiers have been prepared.

The essential point is that the technology is basic and can be adapted to the coals from various coal basins to the terms of their storage, to the conditions of their combustion, and to boilers and other technological parameters. Enterprises implementing the developed technology will have a significant economic effect, safe and clean heat production.

The University is looking for partners in the heat and power generation industry to implement the developed technology through technology transfer, technical cooperation, provision of technical and engineering services, sale of licenses to use the technology and other forms of cooperation.

Innovative aspects of the technology

Innovative aspects of the technology consist in the fact that due to the developed composition and method of application of the modified liquid glass, it was possible to create such modes of pulverized coal preparation, which significantly reduce the yield of fine volatiles and affect not only the conditions of the fuel preparation process but also the operating conditions of boilers. It can be achieved, in particular, by increasing the effective heat of combustion of coal, and the operating conditions of auxiliary equipment, including equipment for filtering boiler gases when burning coal.

The advantages of the technological offer are that the technology can be adapted to different types of coal from different coal basins, for different conditions of storage and preparation for combustion, for different types of boilers and ways of their operation.

Application of the developed technology provides the following advantages:

- reduction of dust formation in the process of pulverized coal preparation, which reduces the level of explosion hazard in the preparation of fuel and better environmental friendliness of fuel preparation;

- reduction of slagging of boilers, which allows to increase the time between stops of boilers for their cleaning and significantly reduce the cost of cleaning boilers;

- extension of the life of the electric filters;

- make fuel combustion cleaner by significantly reducing the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

The university is looking for cooperation with the enterprises of heat power engineering having a need for and possibility of technical modernization (overhauling) of the line of fuel preparation, design institutes specializing in the development of projects of thermal power plants, projects of modernization and technical re-equipment of thermal power plants.

Intellectual property status

Granted Patent

Patent number: Will be provided upon request

Where: Russia

Comment: A number of Russian patents covering inventions protecting the methods of pulverized coal preparation are granted. In addition, a number of patents are under preparation for filing. Some patents will be transferred to the stage of international application under the PCT procedure.

Current development status

Experimental technologies

Comment: In a University laboratory there were prepared the demonstration volumes of the modified liquid glass, laboratory tests were carried out, preparations for the fieldwork full-scale tests on boilers of thermal power plants is executed.

Desired business relationship

Patent licensing

Adaptation of technology to other markets

Comments: The university is looking for cooperation with the thermal power plants, having in its arsenal boilers for coal combustion and pulverized coal mixture, design institutes specializing in the development of projects of thermal power plants, projects of modernization and technical re-equipment of thermal power plants.

Role of the partner sought - joint work with the University to adapt the technology to the technology of coal preparation, to coals and the conditions of their combustion. Allocation of boilers for experimental work. Introduction of technology in the production of thermal energy.

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