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Novel Dehydration Process and Products - Retaining Color, Texture and Taste

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Summary of the technology

“Repraxis-Dehydration” is a novel revolutionary patented process taking advantage of naturally-occurring enzymes within plant and animal foods. Repraxis Dehydration gives a stunning new look to dry food products – pretty, portioned and tasty.

Primary Care Innovation Consulting
Primary Care Innovation Consulting
Primary Care Innovation Consulting

Description of the technology

HelloLife Inc. is a small technology development company with a long history of successful products in food and food supplements.

The novel Repraxis Dehydration technology has been developed and is currently used successfully to manufacture a new line of high-end pet food products with superior texture, taste and nutritional characteristics (see The technology has been patented and could be used broadly across various applications:

  • infant and dietary foods
  • pet foods
  • cosmetics
  • camp and military food supplies (MREs)

Current development status

Commercially available technologies

Intellectual property status

Patent already applied for

Patent application number: 2019/0090518 A1

Where: US

Desired business relationship

  • Patent licensing
  • Joint ventures
  • Technology development
  • New technology applications
  • Adaptation of technology to other markets

Related keywords

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