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Photochemical metal-free method of amination of C-H bonds

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Summary of the technology

A new method for the metal-free amination of C-H bonds has been developed. The method uses readily available reagents (iodine, trilfuoromethylsuylfonamide, diacetoxyiodobenzene) and light to insert a sulfonamide moiety into a C-H bond. the method has been successfully used in the preparation of various APIs (memantine, rasagiline, sertraline). The method takes place in mild conditions and allows avoiding the use of transition metal catalysis and multiple-steps procedures. Partners are sought for the joint development of commercial applications of the method.

Description of the technology

A protocol for intermolecular C-H amination of aliphatic positions is based on the combination of a catalytic amount of iodine, visible light and sulfonamides. Under these conditions, amidyl radical are generated, which selectively address C-H bond functionalization. The reaction is of broad scope and applicable to the synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds under metal-free and mild conditions.

Current development status

Experimental technologies


API manufacture


fine chemicals preparation


flow chemistry

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Other: Contract research for the development of a tailor-made process exploiting technology


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