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Thick optical crystals for optical parametric amplifiers

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Summary of the technology

(original title of project: Optical Parametric Amplifier with Large Aperture)

The invention:
• Diffusion bonded periodically poled crystals can increase the effective crystal aperture with high gain and good beam profile
• (Method to tune crystal materials to optically amplify light signals)

Project ID : 14-2018-5685

Description of the technology


Computer Science and Engineering


Laser, optical amplifier, polled crystal

Current development stage

General list: TRL3 Experimental proof of concept


Optical Parametric Amplification is a process in which a strong pump field nonlinearly interacts with a medium to drive secondary waves at different frequencies. Maximum gain is obtained when the phase-matching condition of the wave vectors (pump, signal and idler beams) is met. Usually, it is difficult to achieve phase-matching conditions in an isotropic medium due to the characteristic dependence of the refractive index on wavelength. Quasi-phase matching is a technique that exploits electric field poling of ferroelectric oxide crystals to obtain optical parametric amplifiers. However, a major drawback of this technique is the small aperture size of the periodically poled crystals.

Our Innovation

  • The present invention concerns a method for parametrically amplifying a signal beam in large aperture periodically poled crystal, which is composed of at least two periodically poled crystals.
  • Diffusion bonded periodically poled crystals can increase the effective crystal aperture with high gain and good beam profile.
  • Can expand quasi-phase matching to high power devices that need large apertures.


The width of a periodically poled crystal can be increased by stitching (at least) two crystals together using diffusion-bonding and so one can obtain a larger aperture.


Diffusion bonding is a promising technique to obtain large aperture optical parametric amplifiers based on periodically poled crystals and will allow their use in high-energy applications.

Project manager

Matt Zarek

Project researchers

Gilad Marcus
HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering
Applied Physics

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