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Highly efficient cooling system for data centers

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Summary of the technology

The scientists of an academic university specializing in the development and design of equipment have developed a novel technology of highly efficient cooling for data centers. The system allows to remove heat flow of 300 W/cm2 and more with a relatively low power consumption. It is a compact and almost silent system. The authors are looking for partners to integrate their technology into data centers and mining farms.

Description of the technology

In the modern world of information, the amount of data and computing power is growing exponentially. The cost of installing Data Processing and Storage Centers, mining farms, servers and other Data Centers grows annually in geometric progression with a rate of 1.2. The capacity of the chips and the corresponding power generation is also steadily increasing, thus in order to avoid fire and overheating (operating temperature of 90°C), it is necessary to use highly efficient cooling systems. Currently cooling systems use air, liquid and immersion cooling. Air cooling is used only for low-performance equipment with heat sink flows not exceeding 20 W/cm2 and it is gradually abandoned. Liquid cooling requires significant additional costs for the energy supply of the heat pumps and a large amount of coolant. Submersible cooling is costly due to the use of expensive working fluid and difficult to operate in the event of chip replacement. The developed cooling system uses phase transition processes in microchannels. The leading high-tech companies Huawei and IBM use a similar principle, but their developments are protected by trade secrets and are barred for external customers. The design feature of the cooling system suggested by the authors allows a heat flux of 300 W / cm2 or more to be removed, thus it can increase the performance of electronic equipment by up to 20-40%. The cost of the the system is 1.8-2 times less than the system of the submersible type, where 90% of the price is the cost of the heat carrier. Due to the small size of the system, it is possible to increase the density of deployment of computer equipment up to 40%. Partners are invited to collaborate in order to integrate the novel cooling system in their mining farms and data centers.

Advantages and Innovations

The novelty of the proposed technology lies in the development of a special microchannel geometry and in the optimization of the heat sink process. The technology provides the following advantages: - High value (more than 300 W / cm2) of heat flow sink, - Decrease in power consumption of the equipment by 40%, - Important advantages are compactness, the ability to capture heat and use it for heating buildings and premises, low cost and noiselessness.

Current development status


There is an experimental model available for demonstration. It proved the concept of the development.

Intellectual property status

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