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In silico enzyme engineering

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Summary of the technology

Zymvol is a service providing firm that assists companies in the discovery and development of new industrial enzymes through computer simulations.

Description of the technology

We use in silico design (ISD) to produce and screen up to 50.000 virtual enzymes and select up to 90 improved variants to be tested in the laboratory.

ADVANTAGES: Our process is fast and accurate. Customer could develop/improve their desired enzymes in less than 2 months.


  • The client already has an enzyme with activity over a determined compound, but it still doesn’t meet the desired industrial requirements to be successfully implemented in the process.
  • The client is looking for enzymes for reactions which still not enzymes have been described to perform.

Besides, we can manage the whole project if desired.

Our technology helps companies and research centers to find new biocatalysts or improve existing enzyme performance (activity, pH stability, temperature, selectivity…) to meet the customers exact specification needs.

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About Zymvol Biomodeling S.L

Startup from Spain

Zymvol Biomodeling SL is a privately owned biotech company specialized in computer-driven enzyme discovery and engineering.

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