Radar-type mm-range visualization systems for inspection systems

Summary of the technology

Systems for radar type visualization of the mm-range have been developed in the laboratory of the University (Russia). The systems are used for screening applications. They allow to determine objects hidden under the clothes and inside the baggage. They are safer in comparison with X-ray systems and are more sensitive to a number of X-ray-non-contrast materials. Developers are looking for partners to develop an industrial prototype of the visualization system and organize its serial production.

Details of the Technology Offer

In passenger examination systems in airports and land transportation units, fluoroscopic methods are mostly used. It is well known that regular irradiation with X-rays is dangerous for living organisms. In addition, such systems do not allow detecting low-contrast dielectric materials (some types of polymers, gels, etc.). In particular, X-ray systems can not reliably detect small volumes of explosives without metal shells and / or damage elements. Due to the technology, that is developed by the authors, of using the mm-range radiation, as well as measuring its phase, the inspection system makes it possible to detect low-contrast objects that are not visible in the x-ray range.

The novelty of the development lies in a set of technical solutions that allow the use of the mm-range radiation for inspection purposes. The system has had an extremely small number of implementations worldwide yet. The developed inspection system has a relatively low cost, comparable to the cost of an X-ray inspection system.

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