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Electronic application for diagnosis, restoration and development of speech

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Summary of the technology

University (Novosibirsk) has developed electronic applications for diagnosis, development and correction of speech in clinics or at home. Previously non-automated methods of forming speaking skills are brought to the modern technology level. Applications allows you to reduce the workload and some staff requirements, increase the number of patients and accelerate the recovery period. Authors are looking for partners to prepare a commercial version of the application and bring it to the market.

Description of the technology

There are several groups of people facing problems of developing speech skills and communication. Those are 1) children with health limitations, 2) adults with aphasia, and 3) individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The number of children and adults with similar disorders is growing. At the same time the technical means that simplify the work of teachers-defectologists, speech therapists, parents, psychologists, tutors, aphasiologists are practically absent. In order to solve these problems, mobile diagnostic applications, interactive mobile developing speech programs, speech simulators and other alternative communication tools are being developed. The main developers work at the Department, specialized in fundamental and applied linguistics of the Academic University (Novosibirsk). The applications work as follows: a specialist checks patient's condition and diagnosis, as well as the recommendations of the application and selects a speech development program. After that, the selected material (pictures and pictograms) is demonstrated to the patient in an interactive form under the supervision of a specialist. The patient gives his/her feedback, after which a report is generated and new recommendations are prepared for subsequent sessions. The developed electronic products are based on classical logopedic therapeutic correction methods. They differ from obsolete traditional paper techniques because they allow quick access to all ordered and structured information, automatic processing of diagnosis results or a specific speech therapy session and use of interactive facilities for conducting classes. Tests were conducted for the initial versions of software products based on the eye-tracking methodology. Those demonstrated the increased interest and attention of trainees in comparison with the traditional methods, the use of application leads to the higher involvement of the patient in the learning process. This leads to a faster organization of the neural processes, which are necessary for speech reconstruction. At the same time, the patient's rehabilitation process is accelerating. The team of authors is looking for partners for cooperation in the technical and marketing sphere. In particular, joint preparation of commercial versions of applications on various hardware (personal computers, tablets, smartphones) and software platforms and output of the application to the Russian and international markets.

The novelty of the approach consists in introducing non-automated methods for the formation of linguistic abilities, speech and cognitive functions and skills to the modern technology level. The innovative aspect of the use of electronic applications for development and restoration of speech and communication capabilities is that the application provides for the structuring of materials and results as well as the automatic alignment of an individual developing corrective path. The work of a specialist with a client is divided into the following stages: a) preparation of materials, b) demonstration of materials (tasks with the need of the response of a client), c) procession of results, d) analysis of results and selection of a further training or therapy scheme. Applications can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on the stages a), c), d) due to their automation, pay more attention to the patient in step b). In addition, through the automation of the stage d) reduces requirements to qualification of specialists, so that relatives and junior staff of educational and medical institutions can work with the application. In addition, the interactivity of applications leads to more involvement in the therapeutic process. Neural connections responsible for the appropriate language abilities of the cognitive functions of the brain are restored/formed more quickly. Due to these advantages, users of the application will be able to find an opportunity to have regular sessions with patients, rehabilitation clinics and educational institutions will be able to reduce the temporary workload for personnel as well as the requirements for the staff. Moreover, clinics will be allowed to increase the number of patients undergoing rehabilitation and accelerate the recovery period of them. Potential product markets include parents, clinics and companies, research institutes, clients with marginal aphasia, gardens and schools, training centers, and IT industry.

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