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Synthetic Cannabinoids and Unique Human Endo-cannabinoids for Fighting Bacterial and Fungal Infections

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Summary of the technology

new concepts in fighting both bacterial and fungal infections, accumulations and pathogenicity
Project ID : 6-2018-4547

Description of the technology


  • Bacteria communicate and coordinate population behavior through the mechanism of quorum sensing (QS), which controls the expression of genes that affect a variety of bacterial processes.
  • Cannabis, Cannabinoids and endo-cannabinoids can act as novel anti-microbial agents affecting pathogens both in planktonic and biofilm environments.
  • Their effect on bacterial QS has never been investigated.

Our Innovation

A novel concept for fighting bacterial and fungal infections, accumulations and pathogenicity using synthetic cannabinoids and/or human endo-cannabinoids

Applications for use

  • Practical implications against topical infections (as dermal infections), oral infections, internal bacterial/fungal infections and infections associated with indwelling procedures (as catheters).
  • Enable the manipulation of bacterial properties that are of major importance in industry, agriculture and medicine.


  • QS Mechanism is based on small signaling molecules, termed autoinducers (AIs), which control factors such as bioluminescence, pigment production, motility and biofilm formation, among many others.
  • The QS, free-living marine bacterium Vibrio harveyi produces and responds to at least three distinct AIs: HAI-1, AI-2 and CAI-1. AI-2 Is referred to "universal autoinducer" as it is found in numerous Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.

Project manager

Mel Larrosa
VP Business Development Healthcare

Project researchers

Doron Steinberg
HUJI, Faculty of Dental Medicine
Institute of Dental Sciences

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