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Gas Phase Superoxide Radicals for Soil Remediation

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Summary of the technology

This project is a composition of reagents for in situ chemical remediation of contaminated soils based on gas phase superoxide radicals
Project ID : 15-2018-4561

Yissum - Research Development Company of the Hebrew University


There are many areas contaminated soil all over the world and especially in industrialized countries. There is a constant demand for cost effective remediation solutions, in particular for Oil contamination. Existing ozone technologies often have operational and safety issues and call for high-voltage-equipment as well as increase the flammability of many materials.

Our Innovation

The proposed novel technology is an efficient process for decontamination of soil, particularly oil contaminated soil.

This technology is a unique and efficient methodology for in situ chemical remediation of contaminated soils by a unique superoxide reagent in the gas phase.


  • Efficient permeation capacity of the reactive material
  • Minimal quantity of reagents needed and rapid reaction rates.
  • Gas phase oxidant for buried/contaminated soil/land
  • No need for high voltage equipment
  • Low cost inputs


  • This reagent is inflammable and there is no need of high-voltage-equipment.
  • Concluded a conversion of 20% of the oil after very short reaction time with low quantities of materials consumed.


Superoxide production in a gas phase and its application is efficient and swift. The proposed process is superior, safer and environmentally friendly in comparison with the standard gas ISCO technology (ozone) for soil purification. There is a great economic potential of this new approach.

Project manager

Matt Zarek

Project researchers

Yoel (Casali) Sasson
HUJI, Faculty of Science
The Institute of Chemistry

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  • Materials Technology
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