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Device for passive supression of vortex-induced vibrations (VIV) in structures

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Summary of the technology

The present invention relates to a device for suppression of Vortex-induced vibrations (known as VIV) in flexible structures or in elastically supported rigid structures.

Vortex-induced vibrations are a type of fluid-structure interactions that are consequence of the unsteady periodic forces generated in the wake of bluff bodies when affected by currents. The forces induced on the structures as a result of the large region of separated flow in the wake of the structure, result in vibrations. Vibrations can be fatal in engineering applications. Structures with low mass and damping are the ones in which VIV can be more important. In marine applications, most of the structures are characterised by combined low mass-damping.

Although VIV is crucial in marine applications, the invention described here could also be used to prevent VIV in other non-marine scenarios such as structures affected by winds.

Fundació URV

Description of the technology

The purpose of the invention is the passive reduction and attenuation of the Vortex-Induced Vibration dynamic response of engineering structures affected by currents or fluid flows.

The invention is of especial interest in engineering applications that involve low mass and low damping structures, as happens in ocean and offshore systems. The applicability is of especial interest in engineering systems such as ocean pipes, riser pipes, spar buoys, tendons, catenaries, mooring systems, etc. Those systems are typical in applications related to deep water offshore engineering, floating marine systems for wind turbines, oil rigs, and other systems for ocean exploration. Structures affected by winds are also prone to suffer VIV in certain scenarios.

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