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Summary of the technology

OnTimeBio is developing a highly sensitive blood test to enable timely detection and monitoring of diseases. OnTimeBio's product utilizes advanced computational approaches with genomic and epigenomic approaches in order to enable a quantitative and exact readout of tissue dynamics across the organs of the human body. Applying the technology across multiple diseases, including cancer, metabolic, autoimmune, and neurodegenerative diseases, can reduce patient suffering and enable better treatment outcomes while lowering healthcare costs.

For developers of novel therapeutics, the technology provides a lens to the body's response across all targeted tissues. This allows better patient stratification and precise and swift monitoring of patients' responses to new therapies.
Project ID : 26-2017-4403

Description of the technology

Company Profile

OnTimeBiois a cross-indication liquid biopsy (blood test) used to identify diseasebefore symptoms appear. It is valid for cancer, neurological, metabolic, autoimmune, inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases

A liquid biopsy is a non-invasive alternative to surgical biopsies.Using a simple blood test, doctors can discover traces of DNA to confirm a diagnosis or to monitor treatment.Liquid biopsy technology is already FDA-approved for the identification of non-small cell lung cancer, however the technology has been limited to the identification and treatment of cancer, prenatal testing and to the monitoring organ transplants.

OnTimeBio has developed a liquid biopsy platform technology for a wider range of indications.Our blood test detects many diseases before clinical symptoms appear, and enables more precise and less expensive monitoring of a patient’s response to treatment.

OnTimeBio'splatform is applicable to multiple disease areas including: cancer, the central nervous system, heart, liver and pancreatic diseases such as diabetes, aswell as other diseases such as NASH, MS, Sepsis, as well as Alzheimer’s and more. This innovative, minimally invasive blood test is set to replace traditional biopsies for any disease.

Project manager

Mel Larrosa
VP Business Development Healthcare

Project researchers

Yuval Dor
HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC
Developmental Biology and Cancer Research

HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC

Benjamin Glaser

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