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Biogas dryer. For biogas drying and other gases

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Summary of the technology

Removal water vapor and other component like OVCs and siloxanes coming from biogas and other gases with less energy consumption. The equipment has an economizer/scrubber that allow at the same time, to clean the gas with the less energy use.

Energy & Waste

Description of the technology

Biogas is a wet gas that needs to be dried for use in order to avoid bad working of CHP systems, formation of corrosive acids, plugging of the pipes where the biogas flows andImprovement of exhaust emissions from cogeneration systems.

Biolimp-Dry technology combines the cooling and condensation techniques, allowing to achieve elimination efficiency of over 95% depending on the working temperature with low operating costs. This can include a recuperador-lavador, which in addition to minimizing the energy needs of the operation, allows to wash the biogas with its own condensates, which produces a partial reduction of the H2S and NH3, that accompany the biogas, reason why it can be considered A multipurpose technology.

Technical features.

Modular system

Continuous Operation

It can reduce water vapor and, in turn, H2S, NH3, hydrocarbons and siloxanes as needed.

It can work, both in the suction line or pressure line in the biogas installation.

It may include the control system of the operation if the client requestes it

Automatic operation.

High biogas moisture removal efficiency.

Technology Owner

Energy & Waste

Small and Medium Enterprise

Joaquin Reina

Chief Technology Officer at Energy & Waste

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About Energy & Waste

Small and Medium Enterprise from Spain

Energy & Waste focuse its activities within the Waste Treatment and Renewable Energy industrries, applying technologies of its own development. Its work involves Research, Development and Innovation (R&D+I) work. The company is focused on biogás cleaning and biogás upgrading for different uses (energy or biofuel) and biomass gasification, it also, has extended its area of expertise to waste water treatments (leached) and the gases removal from water (CO2, O2 and NH3).

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