New test for components subjected to high pressure (up to 6000 bar)

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Summary of the technology

Test for components subjected to high pressure (pipes and driving elements) (up to 6000 bar) which allows:
1. To assess structural integrity and failure analysis.
2. To reproduce the work cycle (0-6000bar-0).
3. To know the performance of new components subjected to high pressure.
4. To determine the fatigue of the real component under the working pressure.
5. To perform hydraulic fracture and fatigue tests up to 6 000 bars.



- Isidoro Iván Cuesta Segura and Jesús Manuel Alegre Calderón, Structural Integrity (GIE) E-mail: iicuesta@ubu.es; jalegre@ubu.es https://www.ubu.es/structural-integrity-gie

Short description of how tool can be used

New components subjected to high internal pressure can be verified with a quickly and easy method knowing their perfomance to fracture and fatigue (fatigue life), allowing preventive maintenance of the equipment.


Request an offer, the cost is variable depending on the type of test to be performed (fracture, fatigue of low number of cycles, fatigue of high number of cycles, ...).

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