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Technology and equipment for production of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene for medical, structural and energy applications

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Summary of the technology

The innovative company (Russia) that cooperates with the university and R&D institutes has developed an UHMWPE production technology (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) for production of high-strength materials and threads to manufacture implants, porous filters, ropes, armor and materials for aircrafts and ships. The technology is easy to use, products are inexpensive. The company is looking for partners to find market applications for powder and fibers and to license industrial technology.

Description of the technology

Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene is currently one of the most promising structural polymer materials. However production of it is limited by serious difficulties which arise when raw material is processed into an end-product. In the 1970x a company from the Netherlands developed and patented an expensive and complicated gel-spinning process for production of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. Despite technological complexity and high costs, the method was turned into the commercial operation. The Dutch technology is available only in developed countries.

The innovative company has developed a method for production of a reactor UHMWPE powder with new properties that make it possible to produce high-strength threads and fibers in a simpler technological way. A novel method of "cold forming" excludes 3 hazardous and resource-intensive production stages from the entire technological process that allows to reduce fibers production cycle by more than 70% in comparison with the "gel-forming" method.

The company is looking for partners to create new products and structures from novel materials and to license the method for manufacturing UHMWPE.

Innovative aspects of technology consist in a new method of making fibers that have extremely long molecular chains, which distributes the load on the polymer framework much more efficiently. Therefore, the new polymer is stronger having the same weight (15 times stronger than steel, 40% stronger than aramids) and lighter with the same strength than competing materials. The structure of the fiber prevents the relative rearrangement of the molecules, high crystallization and a reduction of density when a product is stretched and twisted.

Products from the new fiber have the following advantages:

- super strength 300-380 cN / tex,

- resistance to abrasion,

- impact resistance up to 170kJ / m2,

- low coefficient of friction,

- frost resistance up to -200 0C,

- physiological inertia,

- resistance to aggressive environment (repels water, chemicals),

- resistance to gamma radiation,

- several times lower production cost.

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