iCRT - a novel encapsulation and controlled release platform

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Summary of the technology

iCRT is a novel and proprietary platform developed in the UK - the platform was designed to tackle difficult actives and complex formulations. It uses inorganic materials to overcome the challenges experienced when using polymeric delivery systems.


Description of the technology

The platform offers drug delivery solutions as well as formulation development tools for cosmetics and personal care, and novel materials for medical devices.

Utilizing our iCRT platform means that you can:

Control the release of actives
Protect functional ingredients
Optimize and add features to products
Improve formulation stability
Increase bioactivity of medical materials
And much more…

Desired business relationship

Patent licensing

Joint ventures

Technology development

Current development status

Laboratory prototypes

Technology Owner


Innovation Intermediary

Related keywords

  • Biological Sciences
  • Medicine, Human Health
  • Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs
  • Medical Biomaterials
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  • Health and beautty aids, Cosmetics
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About Lucideon

Innovation Intermediary from United Kingdom

Lucideon is a global development and commercialisation technology company, that focuses on the development of novel materials technologies for the healthcare industry.

Headquartered in the UK, our experts provide innovative technologies and services to the medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer product industries. We have around 200 employees across various sectors.

Trusted by the biggest names in the sector, we deliver valuable and scalable innovations. We focus on innovation to solve industry challenges and form strategic partnerships with industry to develop and commercialize the technologies and products of the future.

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