New Farming Technology: The Slurry Solver - A low cost technology to make slurry greener and safer

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Summary of the technology

The Slurry Solver offers a new, low-cost approach for cattle farmers to improve health and safety around tanks, to capture and use renewable energy and to improve the quality and lessen the environmental impact of the slurry their farms produce.

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Details of the Technology Offer

  • The Slurry Solver offers a new, low-cost approach for cattle farmers to improve health and safety around slurry tanks, to capture and use renewable energy and to improve the quality and lessen the environmental impact of the slurry their farms produce.
  • The agriculture technology, developed and bench-tested at DIT, takes the form of floating plastic membranes or rafts that can be retrofitted into existing slatted units.
  • The semi-submerged raft converts the slurry tank into a long-term (22 Week) low temperature (18oC) anaerobic digester.
  • Slurry can pass through the interlocking geometrical structures of the raft, moving from the top of the tank to the bottom.
  • The structure also catches biogas as it rises up from the bottom of the tank, so it can be harnessed for use The floating membrane of The Slurry Solver is modular, so that it can accommodate any tank size and it is designed not to interfere with the current operations of a slurry tank.
  • This on-farm system, the vast majority of which can be installed and maintained by the farmer, is mechanically and technically simple to operate, unlike sophisticated centralised anaerobic digestion plants. It is also self-seeding, meaning that it restarts itself.
  • It reduces the carbon equivalent emissions from animals while giving the farmer options for the use of biogas, including heating the farm or generating revenue from the renewable energy.
  • The processed slurry generated from this system has been demonstrated to contain more bioavailable nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium than standard slurry, and it is rapidly absorbed into soil. 
  • The Slurry Solver is a modular solution that can be retrofitted to existing slurry tanks to address universal issues for farmers: to improve farm safety, improve slurry quality and environmental efficiency on dairy and beef cattle farms. 
  • Because of the low cost and modular design of The Slurry Solver, it can be used in existing slatted tanks anywhere in the world. 

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