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Vertical axis wind turbine for slow and changing wind speed

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Summary of the technology

One of our partner company active in the fields of construction, trade and services has developed a solution to accelerate and regulate the wind speed to handle low wind speed and high wind gusts. The presented product is in the capacity range where other vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) are however its energy production is more effective. The Hungarian firm is looking for industrial partners interested in licence agreement.

Laser Consult Ltd.
Laser Consult Ltd.
Laser Consult Ltd.

Description of the technology

The novelty is the special regulation system that accumulates small and releases the extreme high winds, hence no need to stop the turbine in strong winds.
- Regulator: In order to protect the system in extreme winds, the system will open its valves over a certain level of wind speed and the inlet wind utilizes gusty winds.
- Booster: The all-round booster enables the wind turbine to accelerate 7-10 times the inlet wind speed from any direction.
This provides balanced energy production, and - in case of multiple installed equipment - effective and scheduled supply to the grid.

The company is not competing rather completing the still existing wind generation technologies. It is providing energy for smaller communities in the areas where the average wind speed makes uneconomic the large turbines .

Potential applications:
The wind turbine can be installed on:
- elevated structure (the high wood or steel platform provides underneath storage area and easy access for maintenance)
- the top of high buildings and to hill slopes
- existing wind farms where the wind conditions are known and the needed infrastructure is available and can be further utilized

With this variety of placement the wind turbine is perfect for:
- complementary energy production tool for existing horizontal axis wind farms
- producing energy for flood protection, irrigation, military bases, etc.
- rural areas to produce the energy that is unavailable or unreliable
- community focused energy source e.g. for electric “filling stations”

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