TRACESENSE - innovative diagnostic solution - Trace element sensor

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Summary of the technology

The TRACESENSE team has developed an innovative diagnostic solution to help monitor water quality in regards to any type of micro-pollutant.

Our mission:
- To drastically reduce micro-pollutant capture duration while increasing measurement precision
- To encourage a global non-expert use and a participative science concept
- To implement the latest technologies available into a simple sensor
- To create an autonomous device that is totally integrated, connected

PROTOTYPE – Our latest prototype of the device is already available, in limited quantities, and tailored on certain type of trace elements.

CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT – Our development team is available to fulfill your project and focus on any targeted contaminant.

LICENSING PROGRAM – As a patented and branded innovation, TRACESENSE is available for licensing.


Description of the technology

The TRACESENSE system will be putting simple, low cost, disposable monitoring devices in the hands of non-expert users. It makes environment monitoring at high spatiotemporal resolution accessible to anyone. Elemental, molecular and isotopic analysis can be easily disclosed through social participation, anticipating the effect of emerging contaminant. Traceability of data and measurements is made possible through seamless and real-time data publishing and transmission.

Our targets:
- Trace elements – Concerning the global pollution of the geosphere, the most significant trace elements are the metals mercury, cadmium and lead.
- Organohalogens – Organic substances containing halogens, such as hydrocarbons and chlorinated compounds (PCBs).
- Organic compounds – Formed during incomplete combustion of organic substances such as coal, oil, gas and waste.

While the TRACESENSE system is still being improved, it is also avalaible to any partner, distributors or users who want to invest in new ways to characterize any aquatic system. Several potential clients have already been identified and the project is being followed by many experts.

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