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Sealing cap for plastic bottle or container

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Summary of the technology

This is innovative design and all beverage factories can use this technology to product gas tight bottles.
The technology was patented at Uspto.

Nu innovations Inc
Nu innovations Inc

Description of the technology

Today, one of the common problem for beverage manufacturer is how can stop the gas leakage especially when the bottles are stored for long time so we have designed new innovative cap which can seal the gas soda properly.

There is no any additional cost to product new cap and…..

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Nu innovations Inc

Research & Technology Organization

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About Nu innovations Inc

Research & Technology Organization from Canada

Our first idea was conceived in 1998, Over time we obtained different expertise and experience in universities and colleges and we are currently providing more than 50 initiative and unique ideas and designs in the scheme of environmental, engineering, medicine, various industries such as agriculture, materials and so on.

As we have lot of inventions with various design over the years and they have shown interest in our plans, we decided to expand and concentrate in the international community and serve the target markets. Our primary goal is to target industries that protect the environment and conserve resources for human and animal life. Second is to promote new innovations in a variety of fields . At the same time, to create employment and increase business income for the international community. While we do this we follow the rules and international standards to be able to comply with government standards in order to develop and preserve our habitat

INVESTORS PROGRAM: We also have a program for investors so if you are interested in financing a project please contact us.

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