Mixer and Substrate Packing Machine for hydroponic crops and the like.

Summary of the technology

The machine is designed to beat and fill sacks of substrate for hydroponic cultivation, among other applications.
The invention is in the area of new techniques of cultivation of the land. Hydroponic cultivation facilitates and potentially increases the production without needing preparation and it also improves its collection.

University of Huelva

Details of the Technology Offer

The machine is designed to beat the substrate and the subsequent filling of substrate bags necessary for hydroponic crops. Given the new techniques of cultivation of the area, hydroponic cultivation facilitates and potentially increases the production of the land without needing preparation and it improves its collection.

The crop needs bags of substrate to be able to plant and the substrate is supplied in compact bags, so the preparation of the plantation bag must be done mechanically or manually; Its main use is the recycling of the substrate of the previous crop, which still conserves part of the necessary food, and together with the remains of crushed roots and the addition of new substrate, serves as physical support for the crop.

Current development status

Laboratory prototypes

Desired business relationship

Patent licensing

New technology applications

Intellectual property status

  • Patent already applied for
  • Patent application number :U201600776

Related Keywords

  • Agriculture and Marine Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Agrofood Industry
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  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry and Related Products

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