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Summary of the technology

A new and non hazardous additive that improves the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of anodized components. Reduces the pore structure and allows a thinner anodic layer while producing superior characteristics. An example of corrosion improvement is in 2024 aluminum where a .0001" thick layer passed 336 hour salt spray with no problem and a .0006" layer with no seal coat exceeded 2000 hours in Type II anodizing. Parts in salt spray on 6061 have been in salt spray since Dec 2009 with no corrosion in type 2 and is equal or superior to Hard Coat.

Description of the technology

A non hazardous additive to the Dye tank. No other changes are necessary to produce and improved anodic layer. Due to the improvements a thinner layer is possible with performance beyond a normal layer and with reduced fatigue issues that are created by a thicker more brittle layer.  Improves both Type II and Type II anodizing.

Current development status

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Other : Licensing of applicators

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Tech Line Coatings, Inc

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About Tech Line Coatings, Inc

Small and Medium Enterprise from United States

Manufacturer of High Performance Coatings, 2 offices with one in California and one in Tennessee USA. Production in both locations.

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