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Advanced Boats' and Ships' Hulls Design

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Summary of the technology

My discovery has resulted in yet new advanced hulls design plus an add-on product line for significantly improved shipping and recreational boating. As this is a major new important development in an industry where the maritime competition prefers to copy, reverse-engineer, or simply pirate others' work; what I am first searching for is the needed willing and able Collaboration Commercial Partner for securing the best practical protection and jointly profiting from the new knowledge developed by private secret R&D.

Amnon Michael Cohen
Amnon Michael Cohen
Amnon Michael Cohen

Description of the technology

"POWER-FINS Executive Summary Overview" short form:

COMPANY:"SUPERIOR HULLS INC." was incorporated on April 15 1996 for taking over the research and development results from my original R&D company "Orchard Bay Holdings Ltd." which was set to develop the discovery I had had made, and to innovate the product line which capitalizes on the technologic exploitation of the phenomenon I have discovered. * I am the sole proprietor of this commercial project, which is also free from any debts or claims.

MANAGEMENT OBJECTIVES: "SUPERIOR HULLS INC." intends to market the "SURFINS" products' line directly to manufacturers as well as suppliers of marine vessels of all kinds and sizes, at selected important trade shows; and by direct executive marketing, of volume sales. Short term objective, is focused on public awareness of this breakthrough technology, via news, racing, advertising and trade shows, plus selected business activities in the industry. The long term objective, is the expansion of our "SURFINS" products lines and computerizing our offered engineering services, and full International Marketing of "SURFINS" technology; plus strategically continuing to unveil our exclusive advanced technology for controlled water dissection by our "Continuous Lift Hull" Design.

MARKET: The Marine Transportation Industry, is truly vast, with virtually billions of crafts which can use this merging revolutionary technology. There are National Defence Navies, Coast Guards, Police, Fishing and Merchant marine fleets, as well as the Recreational marine markets; all of which we aim to serve.
-There is no competition to this new product line. One widely used product as standard equipment to help performance on power boats, known as "Trim Tabs", was found dramatically less effective next to "SURFINS" on our test boat.
-One major "Trim Tabs" company, enjoys more then ten million dollars market share each year, by supplying its products to manufacturers. "Trim tabs" technology is inferior to "SURFINS" technology. "SURFINS" technology is, creating a new and yet much bigger market!!!

PRODUCT: The "SURFINS" are specialized fins installed on any marine hull to eliminate or reduce the existing resistance forces hindering moving crafts on water. "SURFINS" are mechanically automated appendages, which create a new beneficial Trochoidal wave along the under-surface of the hull of a craft, thereby creating beneficial continuous water lubrication which regains much of the energy loss before the installation of SURFINS, and granting improved speed, economic use, more comfortable ride and long term durability to the craft and its structure. It also increases the resale value of the craft.
-There are ten identified commercial benefits which users of the "SURFINS" gain by installing these hydrofoil-fins on their boats, vessels or ships.

SERVICE: The company will create and supply new product, and extend specialized Technologic Services of computerized Engineering Consultation, for applications on vessels and ships, or similar groups of crafts, and will issue installation manuals for Manufacturers and custom installations.
-Production strategy, is to purchase primary product from selected manufacturers of continuous hinge, inputting our secondary processing in a moderate facility also used for storing ample supply of "SURFINS" for sale, thereby obtaining high quality product with minimum staffing and investment in product manufacturing.

MARKETING: Our Business Strategy Plan is to first complete or re-apply for USA patent protection under the "Powerfins™" and marketing the product line first in USA.
-Creating a "Show Boat" as a new research and sales tool for "hands on" demonstration of SURFINS technology to targeted major clients who manufacture and fabricate new Boats, Yachts and Ships.
-Documenting further test results of the "Showboat", on video and by print for publication; for supplying more exciting printed and visual proof, to be used as selling tools for our Executive Sale initiative to selected major vendors within the industry; and for our planned appearances in Trade Shows, and for news on TV plus planned future paid advertising.
-Compiling complimentary professional evaluations from credible Marine Architects on this invention, and underwriting scientific research tests by utilizing Tow-Tank facilities.
-Developing Computerized Engineering Consultation service for our specialized technology.
-Seeking commercial agreements for supplying our exclusive product line, and/or licensing agreements and/or supplying consulting services to major vendors in the North American marine industry, as our initial client-base rather then addressing the consumer market for direct sales and installations.
-Entering our display marketing tools, in San-Diego, Miami, Chicago & other important USA Trade Shows.
-Bringing the news to the boating public, and advertising our product to the industry, on TV & Trade magazines.

"NEW WEALTH POOL" The initial sought market is between $500,000ºº and $2,500,000ºº while the minimum set goal of $250,000ºº of completed sales can establish our sufficient starting market share.
-The potentially available retail market in the first five year term, is $5,000,000ºº, and approximately $25,000,000ºº within the first decade.
-There is a good reason to project an expectation of 100% of the market share from the beginning, and a very high market share for many years thereafter.
-Marketing Strategy, is to accelerate the ongoing Exclusive Executive Sale Initiative towards Boats and Yachts manufacturing corporations and their subsidiaries. With our "SURFINS" on some of its crafts, manufacturers can offer more desirable boats and yachts and can increase their market share ten times the invested cost in purchasing our products, we can also offer exclusive licensing advantage for few years.

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY: "SUPERIOR HULLS INC." is seeking between US$500,000-$1,500,000 USD working capital to enter the industry and market its new advantageous product line, and may need further capital to secure its new corporate market share, after obtaining a successful stronghold presence within the industry.
-New cash investment from investors, industry insiders, major marine manufacturers and vendors, and world class boats' racing teams; all such investors can potentially be added assets to this venture's success.

* LOAN REQUIRED: The optional business plan is to obtain a loan which will grant the company time and initial working capital, to obtain new cash revenues from achieving expected sales.
-This option calls for a loan of just over One Million USA Dollars, for Fifteen (15) years Term with Option to repay all or some of the principal after the first Five (5) Years, calculated at simple interest rate of Three (3%) percent per annum on the monthly outstanding balance after each of three consecutive draws, repayable by monthly installments into the lender's designated USA account. Where the first draw is upon completion of this application for this loan, and the second draw is two years thereafter, and the third draw is on commencement of the forth year after the first draw.

PROJECTED INCOME: Initial sought market is $500,000ºº to $2,500,000ºº, while we must reach the minimum goal of $250,000ºº in revenues from completed sales in order to continue to serve this loan, a goal projected to be obtained by the end of our third (3) year of sales of our new goods and services.
-Taxation position is excellent. We can start with this burdening loan and/or our tax-pool entitlement for our already accrued Development Costs of the new technology, and this yet, with the freedom to choose any tax free port off-shore. Plus, new monies we shall be earning can be offset, and is affordable against our further planned business development initiative.
-If we grow too fast we have the next product development phase in place to lower our taxation position.
-We expect moderate growth sales during first three years, and market acceptance of "SURFINS" products between the forth and seventh year, starting our threshold growth momentum by then.
-I hope and expect to be able to earn more than sufficient income to be able to maintain our commitment to the lender by the end of the first five years of business activities within the market place.
-There is no reason we shall not be able to obtain the minimum goal of $250,000ºº, which we must earn by the end of the first five years. My projections indicate "SUPERIOR HULLS INC." shall be able to earn more then USA$350,000ºº during the next five years, and may even sell $1,500,000ºº worth of product or much more?!

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Amnon Michael Cohen


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