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Inorganic products for inhibiting or controlling the growth of legionellae

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Summary of the technology

Nanoker Research SL is seeking industrial partners interested in applying two novel inorganic and environmentally friendly materials in the prevention of Legionella bacteria in water systems such as evaporative cooling systems (cooling towers, evaporative condensers…), hot and cold water systems, spa pools…

Nanoker Research SL

New and innovative aspects

Legionella bacteria – the cause of Legionnaires' disease – are classified as a public health risk of environmental origin. Legionnaires’ disease is normally contracted by inhaling small droplets of water (aerosols), suspended in air, containing the bacteria. One of the reasons these bacteria are so dangerous is that they reproduce rapidly given the right conditions (water temperature between 20–45 °C, storage and/or re-circulation of water, deposits that can support bacterial growth…). These conditions are frequently found in many water systems and in order to control these risks, disinfection systems based on chlorine, monochloramine and copper and silver ions are commonly used. However these materials are harmful for workers and the environment.

Nanoker's materials are inorganic and therefore free from chlorine or any other organic compound but feature an efficacy comparable to those products (99,9999% of bacterial reduction) avoiding at the same time safety and environmental risks.

Main advantages of its use

The main assets of Nanoker’s inorganic products are:

  • Low cost
  • High efficacy: 99,9999% of reduction
  • Non-toxic for humans or the environment
  • Long-lasting biocidal effect
  • Not corrosive for the equipment


Nanoker’s materials are inorganic, environmentally friendly and compatible with the current chlorination-based prevention and control systems (gold standard) but in addition they can be used alone since they feature an extraordinary efficacy against Legionellae on their own.


These materials can be used in water facilities such as cooling towers, evaporative condensers, heated spa pools, potable and emergency water systems, air coolers…

Intellectual property status

2 granted patents and secret Know-How

Current development status

Available for demonstration

Desired business relationship

License Agreement

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About Nanoker Research SL

Small and Medium Enterprise from Spain

Nanoker Research SL is a Spanish SME company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and selling of advanced technical ceramic materials and products for the industrial and biomedical fields.

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