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Summary of the technology

Building and Architectural Acoustics Laboratory (BAAL) is a part of Building Physics Lab. Our mission is to help architects and structural designers make their buildings acoustically better. We also help building material manufacturers to develop or improve acoustical performance in their products. We offer consulting services in the field of acoustics from the design phase until final building or product testing.

Description of the technology


  • Speech intelligibility in rooms
  • Relations between sound insulation and thermal properties of materials
  • Sound focussing in rooms - prediction and measurements methods


  • acoustical design of buildings
  • product development (sound absorption and sound insulation)
  • simulations of noise emission in building interiors
  • room acoustical simulations
  • BREEAM / LEED certification in acoustics

On-Site measurements:

  • Airborne sound insulation (PN EN ISO 140-4 & PN EN ISO 16283-1)
  • Facade sound insulation (PN EN ISO 140-5 & prEN ISO 16283-3)
  • Impact sound insulation (PN EN ISO 140-7 & prEN ISO 16283-2)
  • Noise level
  • Reverberation time (PN EN ISO 3382-1 & 3382-2)
  • Speech Transmission Index STI (Speech Intelligibility PN EN ISO 3382-3 & PN EN 60268-16)

Laboratory measurements:

  • Sound absorption of materials (incl. small scale samples - Impedance Tube)
  • Sound insulation of materials and composite panels (incl. small scale samples - Impedance Tube)
  • Sound absorption of materials for scale model tests
  • Scale model testing for architectural acoustics (concert halls, theatres, auditoriums, etc)

Desired business relationship

look for cooperation with industry partner

Related keywords

  • Industrial Technologies
  • Building materials
  • Construction Technology
  • Installations related to construction (energy, lighting, …)
  • Construction methods and equipment
  • Acoustic Technology related to measurements
  • Acoustic safety
  • Other
  • Construction and Building Products
  • Distribution of building products and systems
  • Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems
  • Manufacturing
  • IT Consulting services
  • sound insulation
  • sound absorption
  • architectural acoustics
  • noise emission

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