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New pharmaceutical composition increasing fish immunity

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Summary of the technology

The offer is an immunostimulatory preparation dedicated to fish based on herbal extract and vitamins. It is applied to fish by immersion (to water) which is a completely new method of administration for this type of preparation. This makes it free from limitations existing with respect to the food. The product could be used without withdrawal period in fish for human consumption, as well as in ornamental fish.

New and innovative aspects

Method of administration - the preparation is applied via immersion (water) which is a completely new method of administration for this  type of preparation

Composition - optimized concentrations of plant extracts, makes the formulation non-toxic while retaining the immunostimulatory properties

Intended use - due to the fact that the product is non-toxic and does not affect the chemistry of water, can be used in both ornamental fish as well as in fish  for human consumption without withdrawal period

Main advantages of its use

The product is dedicated to swimming-pool farming, fish in closed circuits, in fish hatcheries and the aquaristics regardless of age and physiological state of fish. It is applied to fish by immersion (to water) which is a completely new method of administration for this  type of preparation. This makes it free from limitations existing with respect to the food. Fish weakened or young brood feeding on plankton only, often reluctantly consume prepared fodder. This problem particularly affects hatchery and ornamental fish breeding. Fish after long-term transport and quarantine period are often very reluctant to pick up food. During this time, the fish are subjected to high impact of stress and adverse environmental conditions (temperature fluctuations and chemical parameters of the water).  Mechanical sorting and transport reduce the immunity of fish. The result of such actions are common bacterial infections. The preparation increases immunity and resistance to adverse external factors in fish.


The preparation is based on herbal extract and vitamins


  • Application for aquaristics
  • Application for fish farming

Intellectual property status

The innovation is the subject of patent applications (Polish application, priority date March 2015, extending patent protection is expected in March 2016 (PCT) and in September 2017)

Current development status

Proof of concept has been completed. The invention is still developed by the scientists from Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences of the Jagiellonian University.

Desired business relationship

We are looking for the business partners for joint research and development projects involving as well as  company which wants to take license or buy innovation.

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